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Expect nothing but the best in Hip-Hop, Breaks, Funk, Trance, House, Jungle, and more...

DJ Doc Roc (Solution, Mix One, Klymactik, Resident at Nightown)
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Flawless. By far one of the best breaks DJs worldwide! This man is no stranger to vinyl - he's been seen scratching into the freshest break beats with all he's got including his elbow and tongue!! Are you kidding? Nope. This man doesn't hold back when putting on a show.


DJ Rolando (FOCI Records)
New York City, NY
Incredible. Representing from the strongest origins of hip-hop beats. DJ Rolando can make anyone move - it doesn't matter if you're tired, it doesn't matter if you're not in the mood, it doesn't matter if you hate music...if DJ Rolando is behind the wheels of steel, you'll be on the dance floor.

DJ Trails (Hip Hop Elements)
Miami, FL
Aggressive. We had to do it - please help us welcome DJ Trails making his first performance in Atlanta after several years of hosting the B-Boy Pro Am Master Battles in Miami, FL! Don't miss his stop in Atlanta as he tours the US, making stops in St. Louis for the United B-Boys Battle, dropping into B-Boy Summit in Cali, and after Atlanta make his way to New York for the Rock Steady Crew Battle. 
BREAKLANTA will be his Mix CD Release party for his new funky breaks album "Bboy $#!@" - come get your free copy!

DJ Mike B (Juice Records, ZEW)
Orlando, FL
Action. Dj Superstar, producer, and turntable wizard! He is a pure entertainer behind the decks, take a step back as he literally lights the turntables on fire! Welcome the producer of the break beat smash hit "Come and Feel My Energy!"

DJ Fudge (Tastemaker DJs, Smokin Needles)
Atlanta, GA
Veteran. No stranger to the wheels of steel, he's been making people dance for well over a decade! His collection of vinyl might be equivalent to the size of your local Wal-Mart. Fudge and Sky will throw down a wide array of instrumental hip hop beats for the MC Battle.

DJ Sky (Tastemaker DJs, Second Sight)
Atlanta, GA
Pure. Let his beats take you to another level of lyricism, laying down tracks for the MC Battle. His beats will make the true MC rise to the top. 

DJ Hi-Boy (Blowpop)
Atlanta, GA
Movement. Get ready for some serious house music with a lil bit of funkiness to make ya move whether you are a b-boy or just want to dance!

DJ Sikora (IRIS, In The Gruv Records)
Atlanta, GA
Relentless. As one of the most highly demanded DJs in the southeast, please welcome DJ Sikora to the BREAKLANTA line-up! He'll be giving away 3 of his latest CDs!

DJ Septik (One Image)
Atlanta, GA
Force. His beats have found the way to the ear of thousands, making several appearances across the US. Don't miss another non-stop performance by DJ Septik, before he takes on another journey!

DJ Xspek (BASIC Family)
Philly, PA
Knowledge. He's got skillz behind the decks, representing hip-hop all over the east coast. He's got something in his bag a tricks for everyone to enjoy.

DJ Weaponz (Yo-She, Team Korupshun)
Atlanta, GA
Sharp. Pushing the cross fader to the outerlimits, this DJ is no stranger to the stage cuttin up the latest tracks.

DJ Pherensik (BASIC Family)
Philly, PA
Fresh. Damn that Dj made my day, Pherensik will be tagging the beats with XSPEK for an all out non-stop jam!

MC Dres The Beatnik (4 kings Entertainment)
Atlanta, GA
Human Beatbox. The original style he brings to the table is unsurpassed. We bring back Dres the host of The "Beat-Roca" 30 MC Battle! Gauranteed to keep the verbal battle a lyrical assault. 

MC Iron Chef (Drow Productions)
Atlanta, GA
Infinite. His capabilities to flow, extend over the masses with beats ranging from jungle, breaks, hip-hop, and beyond. Welcome back Iron Chef live on stage!

more details coming soon...


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